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Insisting on Design Innovation

2011 , Maise decide to introduce water treatment business to new market. Founded by special team, Senwater is a professional water treatment brand under MASIE. Cleveland, OH.
Senwater be stand alone from 2017. Which integrates research and development, design and sales.

Based more than 25 years experience, Senwater team work with the best partners to develope best products: pre-filter, media filter, softener systems, drinking water filter and RO systems.

We are constantly developing the most reliable products for residential. All of our water systems assembled and tested in the USA. Some models and facility be certificaed by NSF.

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Technical and Quality Strength

In addition to innovation ability, Senwater focuses on technical and quality strength, seeking excellent technical partners in various fields and jointly developing more competitive products.

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20th Floor, 1300 East Ninth Street

Cleveland, OH 44114

Softening and Filter Systems

28 S 1550 West

Lindon, UT 84042

Euro Partner

Textielstraat 13, 8790 

Waregem, Belgium

Asia Office

Senwater Tech. (Shanghai)

Room809. No.28 Tanjiadu RD.
Shanghai, China

Taiwan (R.O.C)

Taiwan Flowpure CO.,LTD

No. 29, Jixiang Rd., Songshan Dist.
Taipei, 105034, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



C5 lô 18, KĐT Định Công, P. Định Công, Q. Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội, Vietnam