Screen Filter (POE)

SFT  series

  • Semi-automatic self-cleaning filter.
  • Filter cartridge brushing.
  • Date marker.
  • Simultaneous opening of bottom discharge valve.
  • Different models.

Sand In Your Home Water Supply?

Problem: Sand in your ice maker, shower heads, clothes washer, or other water appliance.

Solution: The screen filter remove unwanted sand from your residential water supply.
The filter can be installed at point of entry. For most homes, this is our recommended solution.
Semi-automatic self-cleaning filter with date marker. Compact and robust filter with a semi-automatic cleaning system with filter cartridge brushing and simultaneous opening of bottom discharge valve.

Different models: SFT202, SFT208, SFT210, SFT211, SFT212.

Senwater Screen Filter插图
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