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Schools are investing in Intellipure air purifiers for reopening safely.

by Christian Cobb

Back to School is Different

Students are heading back to school and building managers, superintendents, and principles are looking for solutions to make their spaces as safe as possible.

Each school district within New York State must obey local, state, and federal guidelines in order to return back to school. One way that the New York City School District will meet guidelines is by providing clean air with Intellipure systems.

The main reason that these units were chosen over others is the patented DFS technology or a Disinfecting Filtration System. 

The electrically enhanced/stimulated air filtration technology is standard in both HealthWay and Intellipure air purifiers and they come with significant advantages. The industry-leading technology was developed through a US military grant – and has been helpful for addressing many indoor quality concerns.

   DFS Technical Specs

  • Each unit is individually tested with a class 1 laser particle counter and is certified to exceed traditional HEPA filtration providing the highest level of ultrafine particle and virus removal.
  • The DFS high energy field creates a self‐contained, highly ionized state in the main filter that clusters ultrafine particles to make them larger, allowing the main filter to effectively capture ultrafine particles. 
  • The DFS continually creates high energy exposure through the pleats and fibers of the main filter. This prevents organism growth in the main filter and prevents live organisms from escaping back into the air.
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New York City Schools

The New York City School District will install 10,000 Intellipure air purification units provided through Delos, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These units will be installed in classrooms and high-traffic areas throughout every school. The New York City School District is the largest school system in the United States with over 1.1 million students and 75,000 teachers.

Intellipure Compacts

Many school districts across the country are purchasing the Intellipure Compact units and mounting them to walls in classrooms, nurses’ offices, and cafeterias. The units are ultra-quiet, highly efficient, and are very cost-effective.

The Intellipure Compact is a great solution for many environments, but it is not a one-size fits all approach to air filtration. Building administrators should speak with an indoor air quality expert at Intellipure or in their local community to get a more perfect solution for their space.


Intellipure air purifiers are being deployed in educational environments across the United States. From local small school districts to the New York City Department of Education, Intellipure can support your students, staff, and faculty with industry-leading air purification.

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