Pulaski company’s air purifiers continue to have big impact in the fight against COVID-19缩略图

by Tommy Sladek   Wednesday, September 23rd 2020


Pulaski company’s air purifiers continue to have big impact in the fight against COVID-19插图

SYRACUSE — As colder weather creeps into our region, many of us are going to start spending more time indoors. It’s prompted businesses to buy new air purifiers or filters. Now some are wondering, “Should I buy one for my home?”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home.

Vinny Lobdell, president of Pulaski-based Healthway Family of Brands, says they’ve been installing air purifiers and filters in central New York homes for years, but nothing quite like the buying numbers they’re anticipating. “Certainly expect the demand to skyrocket, its continuing to skyrocket right now and we think this is here to stay,” said Lobdell.

Home installations are just a sliver of the business. Lobdell’s family-run company has had a major global impact in the fight against COVID-19. From helping Wuhan hospitals in the beginning of the pandemic to supplying 10,000 portable air-purifiers for the New York City School District. “Our business has really deployed to schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, daycare centers…there’s been no boundaries to it.” To keep up with demand, they’ve hired 50 new workers in the last four months.

In CNY region alone, hundreds of businesses have invested with Healthway including Bankers Healthcare Group, Freedom of Espresso, OneGroup Center, and Apizza Regionale in Syracuse. Owner Paul Messina says he bought the purifier to help make his staff and guests comfortable & safe indoors. “So far, I’m extremely happy with the product,” said Messina. “I’m proud to have a piece of equipment that’s made right here in central New York.”

Lobdell and the City of Syracuse will be announcing a “major donation” going to the Department of Public Works on Wednesday.