DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) and COVID-19缩略图
Innovative air cleaning leader conducts a series of tests to show efficacy of DFS technology. Pulaski, NY, […]
Senwater (China) team confirmed that the SFT, QCS, CL300, CS500 and TRO series products be certified by […]
Senwater new drinking water filters be certificated by NSF缩略图
NSF certificate new Senwater drinking water filters and Senwater new facility in U.S.The Senwater drinking water filters […]
Brand new range of housings with antimicrobial product protection provided by a silver based antimicrobial agent included […]
The new softener and filter systems for Senwater with special cover design and best control vavle. It be […]
Senwater (China) introduce high flow drinking water filters to China market from end of 2011. Based the […]